Blue Spark

Robotics & Electronics Challenge



  • Sign up on our website and head over to the ‘Register’ section. Choose your event, fill out the details, pay the entry fee and you’re done! Make sure that you have registered before the registration window closes or else you won’t be able to participate.

  • After you have registered, you will automatically be assigned an Event Registration ID, which you can view in the ‘My Account’ section.

  • While building your project, shoot a video that explains what you're making. (For more information on how to make a video, see the 'Shoot & Edit' section below) Once you have made the video, upload it to youtube and set the viewing setting to PUBLIC 

  • At the time of submission, all you need to do is to head over to the Submissions Area, type in your Event Registration ID, copy-paste the URL of your YouTube video and click the ‘Submit’ button.


  • Keep two important things in mind while planning your project:

    1. Choose a project that interests you;

    2. While you are choosing a project, check all the resources around you. If you are doing a project that needs lots of servo motors, ensure that you know a place from where you can buy them easily.

Shoot & Edit

  • You do not need an expensive camera or studio equipment to shoot your video; even the camera on your phone will do. However, you must make sure that your camera quality is decently good and that the audio (your voice) can be clearly heard.

  • You MUST NOT add background music, although you may use sound effects.

  • Make sure that there is sufficient lighting when you are shooting the video. 

  • You don't need a fancy video editor to edit your video, even Windows Movie Maker can do the job!


  • This is an individual events. Team submissions will be disqualified

  • Your video / project should be your own, ORIGINAL work - external help will lead to disqualification


  • Background music is NOT allowed

  • Only use appropriate and respectful language. Videos that contain hateful / inappropriate content will be disqualified.

  • Only PUBLIC youtube videos will be judged

  • Your video should be only in English.

  • Your video MUST NOT be longer than 10 minutes ( the 10:00 mark on the YouTube clock)

Judging Criteria


Was the viewer intrigued by the video? Was the viewer engaged enough to watch the video till the end?



Did the video explain the subject matter thoroughly? Did the viewer obtain a clear understanding of the topic after watching the video?




Did the participant make an effort to approach the topic in a creative or out of the box way?