About Blue Spark Challenge

Blue Spark Challenge is a global platform that encourages students as well as hobbyists to take on rigorous challenges in the form of world wide online events.

While making their own projects and shooting their own Education Videos, students are often forced to think out of the box and thus, they learn the essential life skill of problem solving in addition to having a fun and rewarding experience that will continue to help develop their cognitive and creative abilities long after the end of the event.

Electronics Hobbyists love making new projects, and with each project, their circuit designing and soldering skills gradually get better and better. Competing with thousands of fellow enthusiasts online greatly quickens the process, allowing Electronics Hobbyists to greatly enhance their skillset as well as showcase their project-building prowess on a global level.

Here at Blue Spark Challenge, we have the following challenges available for you:

  1. IRCO (International Robotics Challenge Online) - for Students

  2. EVCO (Educational Video Challenge Online) - for Students

  3. Blue Spark Electronics Challenge for Hobbyists - for Hobbyists (College students are allowed)

For more details, please check out the Challenges section.